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The Struggles Of Acne



So the only new pimples I'm seeing is white heads in my nostril crevice (If its called that I dunno), You know, where the nostril meets the cheek. Those ones arent so bad because they can be quickly popped with minimal damage! Other than that NO NEW PIMPLES have formed since starting this regimen.

By the way folks you need to be careful when spelling regimen that you dont spell REGIME! LOL I've seen that.

Anyway the only problem I foresee is how bloody expensive BP is. I'm a bit reluctant to order Dan's BP simply because I live in Canada and shipping is 14$ (thats HALF the cost of the bottle I'd want!) and well there is the chance I could get charged import duty. Any Canadians out there had any issues ordering Dans BP?

The largest BP I can find so far in Canada is made by Benzagel and its 60g for 10$ TEN DOLLARS! And everything BP here is 5% I cannot find 2.5%. So what I end up doing is diluting the solution on my hand with water so its ...watery. Yeah. I dunno if this will do harm or good but so far my skin is responding well. I mean, if I'm using 5% and 2.5% is all that is needed, shouldnt it be okay to use less of the 5% than with the 2.5%? After all that stuff is supposed to make my skin red and dry, so why not use less? I'm being generous with the moisturizer and the jojoba oil. I really do just wish having acne wasnt so expensive. I can see all my spending money going to this stuff. Its so unfair. And you know whats even worse? Im NOT a high maintenance girl so I hate having to spend so much damn time on my face. I mean, I dont even WEAR make up most of the time.

I mean Im sure nobody likes having to do this, high maintenance or not. Sorry, not to imply that. But as a low maintenance girl I dont like to fuss a lot over my appearance and having acne forces me to. I'd just like to wash my face and go. I dont even use moisturizer on the rest of my body. Ever. I think its a massive waste of money. I'm only using this for the regimen and to tell you the truth I'm just not fond of using it at all. The most I do to my appearance is plucking my eyebrows and styling my hair with a flat iron- which I wouldnt need to do if I had straight hair!

Oh and I love doing nail art. Thats fun.

But yeah. I really hate that I have to spend money on this when it could go to something else. Im almost considering ordering a neutrogena brand of BP thats not available here in Canada. The product is 120ml and thats pretty decent size and! Its only 10 bucks and 5$ shipping! WHY WHY WHY is this stuff not available in Canada! Sometimes I absolutely LOATHE my country. Legitimately.



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Don't you have public healthcare in Canada? Surely you can see a dermatologist and have him or her prescribe a benzoyl peroxide product or epiduo etc...I use exclusively prescription products because I have serious cystic acne without treatment. I cannot say right now that I have cystic acne because it is gone due to constant treatment with serious acne medications like 1. Amoxicillin 2. Benzaclin 3. Topical Clindamycin 4. Tretinoin .1% and another antibiotic called Cephalexin...I dote on my skin with all my potions! Dote on your skin!

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I know, I should dote on my skin and I am but I just couldnt be bothered. I just wish it'd be healthy and acne free with no effort! LOL

Anyway, yes we do have public health care, but I've never been to a dermatologist, in fact I've never even been to the doctor strictly for my acne. Kind of sounds crazy right? When I was younger it was always moderate, now I'd say its mild. Maybe because of my personal care, maybe because my body has finally figured out that Im not pubescent so its calming the hormones down! Now that I've started Dan's regimen, its looking even better than ever, like I am so happy looking at it.

I wasn't aware you could get prescription BP? Wouldnt it be really strong?? I'm already using 5% and its drying me out!

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