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Day 67 Accutane 80Mg



Today is day 67 of my treatment at 80mg. I understand I'm probably going to get a lot drier than most people because I'm on the highest dosage but recently just as I felt things were getting better on my chest/back, it started to get really painful with big cyst like blood postules all over and I couldn't move even to reach certain directions so of course I had to start managing them. I called my doctor today and asked him (or I guess his assistant) if I should just leave everything alone and not pick/pop when necessary. She advised me not to so I'm going to try my best and just hope the accutane sucks all of them through and eventually start to work on the countless red dark spots on my back. I know this is a nasty treatment and especially at my dosage but my face has seen improvements, essentially no new breakouts and a generally smoothening of my skin and spots fading. So in that sense I feel better but I just really want to see results on my back/chest. It's only month 3 and I know I need to be patient and my blood has been perfect thus far so I know my body can handle this, I hope I'm allowed to go 6 months or longer instead of 5 if I don't start seeing big results this month. But I'm optimistic as all of us should be on accutane, I've done plenty of research and I'm using all the right products and trying to do the right things, just hoping to finally start seeing results. Would love to hear anybody's story who's going through it or has!


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