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Acne Regimen (After 6 Days)



So I added Clean and Clear blackhead eraser scrub to my regimen. I had noticed a horrible amount of blackheads on my chin. I usually get them on the sides of my nose and on my chin. I love this scrub! It makes my skin feel super clean and leaves a cool feeling. After two days of using the scrub, the blackheads and pimples on my chin are completely gone! The worst area with pimples *my forehead* has improved. The pimples have decreased in size but they still remain. I am adding peppermint oil as a toner also. *you will only need one tiny drop of peppermint oil to a big glass of water* I do have patches of dry skin but my Lush moisturizer will help with this!

I also wanted to recomend a makeup remover. I am goth and wear alot of eye makeup. I usually use a sunscreen or primer *depending on if I am going out during the day or night*, Hard Candy glamoflauge concelor, Mary Kay mineral foundation, and Coty airspun transculcent powder. I use Hard Candy Take it off liquid makeup remover in the shower. This is the best remover I have used! It removes waterproof mascera as well.

I always take off my makeup before going to bed. Always!

The tea tree oil I have has not given me amazing results. I also think that maybe my oil is expired after having it for a long time. So I am moving on to try peppermint oil. Wish me luck!


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Adding oil to your skin may inadvertently cause more blemishes as oil is a food source for bacteria. Just an fyi

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Adding oil to your skin may inadvertently cause more blemishes as oil is a food source for bacteria. Just an fyi

Not all oils will do this. Tea tre oil has been proven to have antiviral,antibacterial,antifungal, and antiseptic qualities.Topical application of 5 percent tea tree oil has an effect comparable to 5 percent benzoyl peroxide. Just saying.

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