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Heal Your Face



I remember when my face was just.... so unhealthy! After all the products I used my skin was just so red and flaky and unhealthy looking. Along with using the Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Oil treatment I would also occasionally make a mask to heal my skin.

  1. Beat up egg whites
  2. drop some Tea Tree Oil in it
  3. Slather it on to face
  4. Leave it on for quite some time (it may feel itchy/redden your face but that is normal and temporary) After about 20-40 min wash it off.

I would do this whenever I couldn't help it and squeezed some pimples. This really helps the healing process a lot faster.

I would also do this on a somewhat regualr basis to heal my horrible skin.

After your skin will be very smooth and moisturized - I recommend to everyone of ALL skin types.

Good luck everyone! Get get healthy :)


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