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From: What Foods Can I Even Eat Anymore?



dairy products(like milk,cheese and sometimes even yogurt) should be avoided.(not if u r okay with it).

also,red meat is not good for heart but for acne,am not sure.

u can have it once in a while without breaking out.

u're to check for intolerance.

if u aint to a thing,u can have it without any negative effects.

except for dairy,sugary stuff and refine/processed goods.

also,try to avoid too oily/spicy stuff.they aint very good for ur gut.

i personally believe high fat diet is extremely unhealthy for anyone(although i read now and then people getting cured of acne through those,i can only hope there's no damage in long run)

but that doesnt mean u have to eat boiled stuff all the time.

use good oils and limit vegetable oils etc

use of adequate amount of fat(healthy) and oils is important for ur skin and overall health.

have fruiits(preferably low GI ones but dnt quit on others.specially because papaya and some of other GI fruits are great for skin health).

have lemon water(its said to flush out toxin) and also take care of ur insulin spikes with cinnamon(after meals).

take care of ur water intake.

exercise,sleep well and de-stress as much as u can.

do stuff u can carry on for long and give things time.

maintain a good skincare routine.



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