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Giant Pores Anyone?



Has anyone on the regimen or any regimen or product had ANY success whatsoever with shrinking their massive pores? I have huge pores on my cheeks (fortunately not my whole cheek) and I think they look just...well I dont like them. Please, if you've had any success let me know.

Ive noticed since starting the regimen (day 3) my nose black heads are shrinking nicely. Okay so I'm going to say something about them that'll gross you out so here it goes I will warn you first:

TMI: When I would squeeze my nose every so often, the oil in my pores would literally ooze out like whipping cream from one of those pressurized cans. It was sooo freaking gross. It seems that the regimen is helping my pores not be all disgusting and oozy like that./END TMI

As for my skin, nothing new on my face, but the nodule is slow to shrink. I want so badly to slice and dice it but I know that wont really help. I was the one that put it there in the first place being overzealous digging out black heads. The tissues swelled up and formed a hard bump (filled with water).

IS THAT WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE?? Acne nodules???? Theyre hard bumps that IF you squeeze them basically theyre hard and impossible and WATER comes out? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!


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Same thing happens to me! I hate my large pores. I started using Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask. It really worked to tighten my pores and get rid of that weird clear stuff coming from my skin.

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Lol @TMI! I. Have shrunk my pores by using benzaclin and tretinoin. The benzaclin more so than the tretinoin. I thnk the drying up and removal of oil from my pores has contributed to clearer smaller pores.

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