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Milestone And Carry On



Ok I have strived to survive and have ultimately reached the one month mark of spiro. which is good. Considering last year I'd use something for two weeks, freak out and bail on it.... makes for unhappy skin and an unhappy me.

The thing that I find interesting after reading various reviews on spiro is that like 99% of people commenting on this med claimed that it caused major upsets in the initial stages due to an explosion of acne which then eventually calmed down. Bloody hell man! if i had heard that before i probably wouldn't have even set off to the pharmacy in the first place to buy it.

I got told that spiro was a better option than roaccutane (aside from the less than 7 page list of side effects), because it didn't cause any initial flare up, it just generally healed the skin, allowing for the fact that the pimples are hormonal based... and i thought oh boy oh boy what a miracle that is cos everything else blows your self esteem to shreds and causes a mountain range on your face before it even starts to do the clearing up bit.

And with my skin there was no initial break out at all.. ok yes, i did write a post complaining a bit about a few new ones but honestly, that was like whatever and not much different to how i normally broke out even though i complained a lot but yeah, nothing even remotely close to the complaints of going through hell for the first month... which i am extremely grateful for obviously and my skin is smooth now smile.png though red scarred so yeah that will fade come the summer sun and the skins natural healing process. But honestly this has been the best medical option for me since i first got the bloody stubborn acne.

So i don't know whether my spiro is different (being Aussie spiro??? smile.png ) or if i'm taking the right amount for my body but that was the main thing the derm said so for those wishing to embark on this form of saviour... good luck.. it could really go either way!

... unless you come to Oz and get the stuff here... then you're fine biggrin.png

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I want to. Try spiro again. But for some. Reason my dermatologist thinks I can't take an antibiotic, which I live on, at the same time as Spironolactone. Rats!

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