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Fourth Week



So I finished the white placebo pills and my face broke out so much that week [maybe because there are no hormones?], but before the pill, my face was it's best during my period and I would break out when I was ovulating [weird]. I got two pimples right on the apples of my cheek (one on the left cheek and the other on the right), two on my chin, two on my forehead, the one under my lip got worse, and I got a couple on my jawline.

Now I'm on my second pack [6th white pill] and my cheeks are so much better and clearer, no my pimples on my forehead, the one under my lip [that I've been battling for like 2-3 weeks now] is finally diminishing, the ones on my chin are gone HOWEVER, I am still breaking out on my jaw. There are about 6-7 small cystic on the right side of my jaw and they literally make an exponential curve up my jawline and they're painful as well.

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I remember the sheer terror of having cysts all over my chin and jawline. It was horrendous. I still have nightmares.

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