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From: What Kind Of Acne Is This? (Pictures Included)



Sorry I'm stalking your posts! You are gorgeous! What pretty eyes. smile.png

The cream cleanser I told you about has SA in it. I don't think I mentioned that.

Honestly, I'm with Aanabil- I would stop using cetaphil altogether. I know we are all different, but that seems to be a common thing on here. If you've been using it for a long time and you still have the acne on your cheeks (which isn't terrible, but that's from an outsider. WE have to look at our skin everyday, so I know the feeling) then it's time to make a change.

For me a SA cream cleanser (which has a low dose of SA) and then light bp works well. But not the other way around. BP cleansers tear up my skin and SA gel spot treatment does nothing. Very strange. I would watch it going with max dose of SA. Start smaller. And I have to repeat myself on the bubbles thing-you and I have very similar skin types and cleansers that suds up are so damaging for me. I end up with blackheads, whiteheads, cystic and a lot of redness. I've tried all the gentle ones too, but they are still to harsh for me. Which is very frustrating when you're trying to get rid of oil.

I second Madeleine's advice. You have sensitive skin, so careful with scrubs or cleansers with beads. (They destroy my skin) but I'm very happy with the Glycolic cream I used. Thin layer under moisturizer at night. Reviva. Found it at the vitamin shoppe.

Also, for a bit of inflammation, I recommend aloe vera juice. This helped with my redness very well. (Also helped with oil.)

I'm sure you've read all the little tips, but I want to write them anyway in case you haven't seen them-

Keep your hands off your face. Mom was right when she gave me this advice. I only touch my face while washing and applying make up. My friends tease me because if i have an itch, I use the ends of my hair to scratch it! I don't even rest my chin on the top of my hand. Hands off at all times. I'm crazy strict about this.

Phones-Don't hold it with your ear to your shoulder. This is why i love my bluetooth for the car. If you do get face oil on your phone, just swipe the phone on your pants. Works for me. smile.png But i'm careful at work too. Other people use my phone and I don't want their face oil (ick) on mine.

Pillowcase-switch it around at least 4 times if you lay on the same spot and then wash it.

With the cream cleanser, you can really wash well. Really massage and get the make up out of your pores. I really feel that a proper washing technique is better than using a harsh cleanser that you have to rinse off quickly because it hurts. With that said though, I would give the foaming wash with SA that was recommended by Aanabil as well. See which one makes your skin feel better and completely clean.

If the chemical exfoliants are too much, just use lemon juice from a lemon after you cleanse. Also, drink lemon water. Great detoxifier for me since I have a touchy stomach. I squeeze half the lemon into a tall kitchen glass of water at night and the other half I squeeze into a dish and apply it with a cotton round. Also, I take a q tip and dab it onto stubborn spots after my bp has dried. And the best part, lemons are super cheap. If you don't use all of the half lemon, throw it into a ziploc and use the rest the next night.

I just read another post on oil pulling-my sis in law told me about this and I thought it was a little silly, but I think I'm going to try it. Worth a shot.



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