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Hello, Again.

Liam Foster


So it's been a while since i posted on here. Missed it, if im honest, haha. So things are still the same with me, still getting painful stubborn acne, mostly on my forehead. However, one plus (sort of) is the wonders of Trimethropin. I recommend everyone who has severe acne to try this out before jumping to any more drastic measures. It has cleared up my stubborn acne which i had for a while, pretty well. Although, iv'e been on it for 3 months now, and it seems my body is getting a bit used to it, as it doesn't seem as powerful as before, My forehead is just ridiculous, though! It hasn't been clear in over 3 years! Haven't eaten Gluten since god knows when, which is good, i think. However in my personal opinion, nothing is certain anymore as to what actually is causing my acne. I boil it down to me just having incredibly bad luck. The one thing that is keeping me going is what a person commented on one of my previous posts, which said; 'If you were born with good skin and had good skin for a long time up until the age of 18, which i did, then it's only right you should be able to rekindle that good skin and get it back to what it used to be. I am still a recluse, severely depressed and haven't seen my friends properly in over a year now. But the painful thing is, is that i'm used to it. Acne controls me. It has beaten me and taken over my life. I look older than i should do because of my mental health and lack of sleep. And at this rate, it doesn't look like i'll be getting back to normal for a very long time. The one thing that is most distressing about all of this is the amount of post-acne marks that i have all over my face. It makes it seem like the acne is still there, and even though my cheeks are smooth when i run my fingers over them, you would still think i had acne, it's horrible to look at. The worst thing about all of this, is that i know for a fact that if i didn't suffer with this severe acne, i would have a well paid radio job, see my friends a hell of a lot more and simply enjoy life, like i should be able to. But i can't. And won't for a very long time. I won't ramble on too much about how depressive my life is, haha, but god bless to all who suffer from severe acne, it is one of the most painful diseases, as i like to call it, that can affect you, and quite simply can destroy your whole life with one fell swoop.


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hey, we know what you're going through, I know that doesn't make it better but sometimes living with acne can be a lonely business so it's good to know you're not alone...

the comment someone made before is right I think - my younger brother didn't have a single spot until he was about 18 then BAM it hit him. I've had acne since I was about 13 and it was always mild-moderate but his was pretty severe. Luckily he dealt with it a lot better than me because he is really confident and didn't let it affect him. but anyway it only lasted a 2 years for him and he never used any acne products so just remember it might just be something you grow out of...

also trimethropin it is a good antibiotic, I've taken it a lot and it always cleared me up...if your body is starting to get used to it then I'd suggest stop taking it - it's never good to become immune to antibiotics for other health reasons. or if you can't be without it why don't you do 3 days on and 3 days off - antibiotics usually stay in your system for the length of time you take them anyways. might make your body respond to it a bit better?

apart from that I can only say chin up! always keep your head up high - acne is nothing to be ashamed of and trust me it really helps with confidence. I can't tell you the amount of times I've walked around with my shoulders hunched and head down and felt awful and depressed - honestly the minute you lift your head higher it will make you feel a lot tougher, it always works for me!

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Thankyou! And yeah i might give the 3 days on and off, a chance, to see the effects. I'm, just so nervous, you know? That once my acne is finally nearly all diminished, what then!? How do i keep them away without taking tablets all my life! Does my head in, haha.

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yeah, maybe ask your doctor first? they might be able to give you a different antibiotic like erythromycin which I used to be on and then maybe go on them alternatively 6 months at a time? best to get medical opinion on antibiotics though!

I know how you feel, especially with the forehead acne, that's mainly where mine is and it's awful. booo! also have you tried topicals like prescription benzoyl peroxide? I never had much acne on my forehead when I used that so could be worth a try if u haven't already?

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