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Tazorac-Day One




This is my first time doing something like this, yet to say even just writing about something I have been ashamed of for years.Im not even sure I’m posting this right. I really just found this forum tonight while looking up information on Tazorac. I am a 25 year old African American Female with severe acne. I've had this problem since I was 13 and I have tried everything from proactive, neutrogena, clerasil, you name it. I even bought an at home Kojic Skin peel, but no positive results. So I’m back on this TAZORAC, and it’s mainly because I was reading how I should stay on it for 12 weeks to see results unlike the 3 weeks where I would just give up. While I am on my journey I will post photo's every week to update you one how it works week by week since I really don’t see anyone really doing that on here. So here is a photo of the first night i tried it again. this is day one......lets see what next week would look like.

FYI-My only regimen is Neutrogena oil control in the morning with SPF 30 and the same thing at night just with the TAZORAC at the end...

Come with me on my journey.....since we are all really going through this together


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im new here also . its weird how we reach out for strangers who we feel could understand our struggle with acne without being judged. and who understand that we have acne not because we don't wash our faces or take care of our skin .. we are just unlucky like that .. I do wish you a lot of luck in your journey . hope it works out for you.. im 27 and im still working on getting clear skin ..

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Ask your derm to add a few players to the game for awesome clarity. Such as:

Benzaclin, keflex or amoxil and use antibacterial soap. Works for me. I haven't had a pimple in forever. Bye peace!

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I was switched to Tazorac cream a year ago and it worked wonders for me! After time it gave my skin a nice glow and i got lots of compliments on how good my skin looked. I noticed a good difference after 3 to 4 months of use. Even though i loved Tazorac I wanted to go back on Retin-A cause it just helped me more with cell turn over and for my VERY oily skin. I wish you the best of luck on it :)

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