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Not So Happy Chappy



Bloody hell man... like honestly, the same story of getting the old hopes up what with the skin clearing and all then BAM! new breakouts! so shattering... at least one side of my face has managed to stay clear and smooth, now on the waiting side for the acne marks to fade away. The other side of my face however is defying the meds I'm taking and going into remission of breaking out.... rage at life man....

At least it's not as bad and not as many though the more it breaks out, the more red the marks left behind are and the longer it takes to heal.. I'm pretty sure I'm on week 2? with the Aldactone (spiro) and no idea what week, maybe 3? for the epiduo topical treatment so maybe its just the time that it takes for it to actually cause a reaction and then get better like most meds do, though I was told the aldactone should just stop breakouts with none of the nasty breakout period that a lot of other meds have... so who knows... i will keep on with all this jazz and fingers and toes all crossed for a speedy healing and recovery.

Went to the hair dressers today.. which is good cos a hair cut makes you feel better and lighter and stuff but damn man those mirrors are intense and don't do much for the self confidence that I had gained in starting the aldactone.... so yeah.. not doing that again any time soon. i had actually promised myself that i wouldnt get a hair cut until my skin had healed but i couldn't see so yeah i was in desperate need and desperate times mean desperate measures and having to face those mirrors...

But I survived and now i look forward to the happy and fast recovery of my skin... which will happen now...

:) cheers y'all


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