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Finally, My Very Own Accutane Journey

Hello Again!

It's been months since i last checked in. From previous entries, i had just finished a 3 month treatment using minocycline and clindoxyl gel (september- december 2012) which seemed to clear me of acne for 2 months... However, after those acne free 2 months, it all came back again. My skin was seemingly more oily than ever, and my Hormonal Acne was back haunting my jawline.

Lucky for me, I immediately got put on Accutane!!! I'm so happy to finally be put on this drug!. I was started on 20 mg's for my first month. I've also recently just got renewed for next month (June 2013) to go up a dose of 30 mg's a day.

Now for this First Month that passed, majority of what the feedback online and in forums regarding side effects did occur. The dry lips started, dry hands, dry face, however they were all still bearable.

My main problem is my Jaw line, and i'm kind of relieved that for my initial breakout, that it was primarily focused on my jawline. If i have my make up on, and looked at straight on, it looks like i don't even have that bad of acne. (INSET PICTURE w/ Ballons!)

I'm mainly not bothered anymore by some of the cystic breakouts and small pustules that are happening on my jaw as its a sign that the drug is working. I'm taking it as a positive note that my skin is indeed changing for the better.

Here are some photos of my First Month and progress on accutane!!! Also here's a list of the current products I use. I think i'll definitely be switching up some of these as my skin continues to change and get more sensitive.

Face Regimen:

Clean & Clear Oil & Make-up removing Face Wash

Clean & Clear Advantage Plus (benzoyl peroxide cream cleanser)

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer

Dermalogica Clean Start Matte SPF moisturizer (for sunny days)


Neutrogena Blemish Fighting Foundation/ Natural Beige (mixed w/ Dermalogica SPF moisturizer to give a natural skin texture)

Almay Clear Skin Foundation/ Sand Beige (mixed with any of the 2 moisturizers)

Maybeline Dream Fresh BB Cream/ Medium/ Sheer Tint (Worn on its own for Off days, or lazy days)


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