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Week 10: Day 65 Pictures



I’ve officially broken into month three!

I had my dermatologist appointment earlier this week and according to him, I am through the worst of my acne and from this point on, my skin should start to smooth out. The pictures really aren’t that great this week, but I think I am seeing some improvement on my face. I’ve have some breakouts on my chest, though. The improvement on my back is slow, but the dermatologist said that the back would be the last thing to improve.

We talked about crazy dryness and red bumps I had on my arms from two weeks ago and my dermatologist just said that they were a side effect from the medicine. Good to know it wasn’t an allergic reaction or anything that would make me have to stop taking Accutane. I’ve really felt fine while taking it (I’m on 60 mg a day) and I honestly feel like some people’s experiences are just extreme cases it that get exploited. However, I do agree that Accutane should be approached with caution and it is up to the patient to have that conversation with his/her doctor.

Okay, here are this week’s pictures:







Finally someone I can relate to and is close to my dosage and time frame we should keep up on our progress. I'm almost 2 full months in at 80mg a day and mine looks almost identical to you on my back and chest! We both are going through a hard time but I think I'm finally starting to see improvements as well. My face has gotten less breakouts and is definitely starting to show improvements. My chest/back are where it's terrible. Its tough not popping/picking, what advice do you have or did the doctor give you? Its painful sometimes and I know you can most likely relate but should we just not touch skin at all and just let it run its course? Good luck! We will get there slowly but surely!

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I've always found it difficult to find anything helpful on back acne, so hey are in that together. I'm taking 60 mgs a day of Absorica. I don't have any great advice for popping/picking other than to just try to leave it alone, although I know it is really hard sometimes.

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I don't get why I keep doing it, I think it's just something people like you and I have gotten use to with acne. It gets worse when I do it and takes longer to heal so I really should stop despite the huge lumps/cysts that are uncomfortable. I know accutane is powerful but I find it hard to believe it will just clear out a big cyst if I leave it alone. I finally made up my mind last night because sometimes I will bloody shirts by popping/picking so I'm gonna stop for that sake and the fact it's just really bad to do and makes things worse! I'm in it with you as far as the back acne except I have the same on my chest, I'm lucky my skin has healed somewhat fast my whole life so I just need to learn to let it be and work its magic!

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