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My Take On Caveman Regimen(Topical)



i personally dont support caveman regimen,as i had told u.

although many loves it..for they say it doesnt hinder with the natural barrier.

but as far as i know,if u r healthy the barrier makes and remakes itself continuously.

letting dirt and sebum clog pores for the sake 'BARRIER' which can obviously be replenishes is not a great idea to ME.

removal of upper dead cell layers seems important to me.

technically acne is said to be caused by (sebum+ debris - dead cells + diet + P.acnes) so i work things out myself.

and let me tell u many have seen negative results from caveman methods.so u will have to decide for YOURSELF.what suits u and what doesnt!

people keep blaming dermas and am sure they have their own reasons.

but for some reason i feel they aint crazy people,they are learnt and know the science.

i will not deny that jumping on accutane or giving crazy prescriptions for own benefits or refusing diet-acne relation r not good.

but not all dermas are like that.

personally my derma had asked me to avoid oily/spicy food for my acne.

physical exfoliation is likely to spread the microbes and irritate skin.do chemical exfoliators can be used like bha or aha washes but of low%.

(1% or less if u have sensitive skin).

diet plays role.

dont eat HEALTHY.

eat what suits YOU.

keep track of ur food and diet.and over all regimen.

did u do anything of late other than not wash ur face?

also,do u think its due to insulin spike or hormones?



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