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Third Week



So I just finished my third week, dark blue pills, (still 1st pack) and the cyst under my bottom lip isn't hurting anymore and it's decreased in size. I have gotten four pimples on my jaw (three on the right and one on the left), two small pimples on the side of my face (on the left; however now they're going away), and more recently two pimples on my cheek (left). As for the rest of my face, idk it could be me, but I definitely see some improvement! My face is more glowing and although I still have breakouts, it's definitely lowered! I don't need to use as much foundation/concealer (which is good because I'm running out)!

Right now, I am on the third green pill (placebo), but I haven't gotten my period yet. I'm not worried though because it's only my first pack and my body is adjusting to this new cycle (I used to have a 32 days cycle). I can't wait to start the new pack!

As for other side effects, I have not gained anymore than what I initially gained, but I like the curves that it's giving me! It is preseason for soccer, so now I'm on a "diet" and conditioning and hopefully I'll just tone up like before.


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