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Day 52



Things are OK again - breakouts on my back from last 2 weeks are gone. Have a few spots on my face, but nothing awful. And they're more surface-y spots, not cysts.

Cheeks feel like redness is just fading still. Chest still has one spot, the same one that's been around for like 1.5 weeks.

What I do want to talk about is this process of the medication.........

It's a pain!

I was told this month by my derm that I need to take my monthly pregnancy test EXACTLY 30 days apart, but I haven't been doing that so far, and no one's said anything. I feel like the rules keep changing, and it's hard to find a straight answer in the iPledge book, on the site, or from my doctor. Usually it's 3 different answers.

I already paid for one test, and I have to go get another. It's been VERY frustrating and I think the iPledge program is very invasive.

I realize this is what I need to do to be on Accutane (the monthly visits, blood tests, surveys, strict pick up rules, etc), but all this wrong information is costing me money and time that I don't have to spare - I'm buying my own insurance and I'm an hourly worker.

Anyone else had issues with the process? I realize rules might vary state to state..

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I live in PA and my moms a teacher so she has everything covered under the insurance she gets so its not very expensive for me to get everything and my dermatologist appointment is about $20 and I think the medicine is around $25 and I think the same is for the blood tests. Also my dermatologist has me take the pregnancy test at the office every month and I don't think there's an extra charge. Also I don't have to get bloodwork every month I only had to get it once before starting and I requested it after my 2nd month because I wanted to make sure my body wasn't being harmed from the Accutane. I did have issues when I first started though because my doctor didnt explain thing correctly and I got confused. But now things are fine and I've got the hang of it. I still hate the whole process though. Keep going! My back and chest also cleared up before my face and pretty fast! Good luck!

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