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End Of Month 4- Week 1, Month 5:photo Update



Photo update

End of month 4: week 1, month 5

60 mg once a day

Side effects

  • Very, very dry lips. Both corners of my lips ripped a while ago and they haven't healed since. They keep splitting every time i yawn etc which is really painful!
  • Dry nose, nasal spotting
  • Joint pain, mainly my knees and hips. I cant go to the gym anymore because I ache so much the next day
  • Weight loss? I was 9 stone when i started accutane and i'm now 8.13 (57kg to 51kg) I haven't been dieting so I was wondering if accutane had anything to do with this?
  • Dry skin in general (Mild eczema) but i prefer this to having really oily skin anyway
  • tiredness

Photo update: No makeup apart from a bit of mascara





With Makeup Bare Mineral Makeup


You can see I have been left with some PIH but i'm hoping this will continue to fade. I'm so happy with the confidence I've gained since being on accutane. I can walk around my house and go for weekend breaks with my friends without being embarrassed and obsessive over my acne/being seen without makeup. It's also really good to wake up in the morning without being in pain from cysts or dreading to look in the mirror

I have also been wearing factor 50 suncream every day because I burnt pretty badly one day last week, which doesn't normally happen to me


Recommended Comments

omg, what a difference! you look great! when I see people like you it motivates me to keep going.

lately I have felt like quitting accutane, I thought I was the only one with overall body pain, my hips, back and knees,.....one of my knees is clicking, LOL. I have been more active now that it's warmer here in Canada.

Me too, I have decided to stop exercising and doing gardening, at least for now until I feel better.

Hang in there, how many more weeks/months do you have left? Do you have any scars? indentations? I never got scars before, now with accutane I've been gettng a few, but they are very small

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Thanks! You should definitely stick with it unless the side effects are bothering you too much. I'm also getting really bad pain in my knees and hips lately... i guess accutane is just drying the joint fluids out?

I have the rest of this month and one more month left (6month course in total) until i finish. My results are so good so far and I have no regrets

I have a few small indentations on my face from cysts etc since being on accutane but they're not that noticable to others (I hope!)

How are you getting on with yours?

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Yes, Accutane definitely dries up the fluids, and doctors are totally clueless when it comes to supplements, I had to go to a naturopath for help because I love being active and exercising. But for now I will stick to just walking and doing some yoga.

She told me to take fish oil supplements, here it goes by the name Nutrasea, it comes liquid in a bottle, see if that helps. I'm also taking glucosamine for the joints, magnesium and L-carnitine for the muscles.

Are you taking any supplements? what is your doctor saying about the back/hips pain?

There are some days when I feel great and I have no pain, and other days when it's a struggle to clean the house.

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