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Diet Experiment Over



Today is the end of my diet experiment. It has been 37 days since I started and I'm sad to say that I haven't noticed any change in my oil output.

To recap, I eliminated all grains, all dairy, almost all processed food, artificial sugar, and peanut butter. I was also shooting for low fat and moderate carbs. My diet literally consisted of almost the same things every day: two smoothies (sunflower butter, banana, blueberries, spinach), various fruit throughout the day, and either a stir-fry with chicken and vegetables or scrambled eggs when I didn't have ingredients for the stir-fry.

As a result of my limited food options, I naturally consumed fewer calories, so I was simultaneously testing the theory that caloric restriction reduces sebum secretion. My daily caloric intake was about 1300 calories during this experiment, roughly half of what I consume on my normal diet. I've lost nearly 15 pounds in the past 37 days, but I fully intend to gain all of it back.

This was definitely the most grueling experiment I have done yet. I was hungry pretty much all the time, and it was especially painful when I was put into situations where I was surrounded by delicious food that I couldn't eat. The experiment seriously felt twice as long as it was. But I stuck with it 100% because that's how badly I want to find a solution for oily skin.

In a way I'm a little glad that I didn't see any improvement from this diet experiment, because it means I get to eat what I usually eat without feeling like it may be contributing to oily skin. On the other hand, it means the search for an oily skin cure continues.


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Search for oily skin cure ends, vitamin A. I take 50,000 IU's a day and my skin went from super oily, to maybe a thin film of oil at the end of the day, all you need to do is pat it dry with toilet paper and it's gone. It also helps with acne too, I swear I went from having maybe 10 pimples at a time on my face to like 1 or 2 a week. Definately recommend it, I wouldn't take anything less than 50,000 IU's a day because for some reason when I take less than that my skin will get oily by midday. Honestly i've been taking just a little more than that and it'll keep my skin oil free from morning to morning, meaning when I wakeup my skins dry, go all day with non oily skin, go to sleep and wakeup still oil free.

If your interested in the exact amounts this should help. Get a bottle of vitamin A pills, the one I have is 8,000 IU's per pill, I take four right after waking up around 7 am, and take another 4 when I get off work, around 5pm, this isn't just some thing that works for maybe a couple people either, vitamin A significantly reduces oil production, accutane is just a bunch of vitamin A, well it's chemicals derived from vitamin A, but still those chemicals are in vitamin A so it does the same thing, it's not as good as accutane, it won't cure your acne, but it will give you oil free skin, and help with acne too. If you got any more questions just let me know.

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Thanks for the recommendation, Tristen420! I have considered a vitamin A megadose before but I've never gone through with it because I'm worried about vitamn A toxicity. It's the same reason I haven't tried a megadose of vitamin B5. My goal is to find a long-term cure for oily skin that isn't potentially dangerous. I may try vitamin A for a short period in the near future just to see what happens.

How long have you been taking it? Have you noticed any side effects?

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Oh no problem, but you should know it's not a long term cure, it only works for as long as your taking the vitamin A, but it works wonders, and there hasn't been any side effects whatsoever, I will admit for the first month I didn't notice any oil reduction but I was also taking lower doses at that time, trying to get my body used to it, I slowly took more an more until I got to where I am now.

Unfortunately if your looking for long term oil reduction, without having a daily routine, accutane is the only thing i've heard of that can do that, and i've studied long and hard on acne. I have been taking the vitamin A for about four an a half months now, the only thing you could call a side effect would be dry skin, sometimes my nose cracks when I sniff or something, jus the inside, dry lips and skin in weird spots, like knuckles, ear lobes, an bottoms of my feet. The dryness isn't noticable at all or uncomfortable in any way, if anything I like it, because it's better than having oily skin.

The only reason toxicity is related to vitamin A is because of accutane, where there's around 300,000 IU's of vitamin A in each pill. So with that being said, if people do just fine taking that much vitamin A for six months straight, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't at least try the vitamin A. You would have to take 50,000 IU's a day for a week straight to equal the amount of vitamin A in one accutane pill, and even then, your not taking it all at once.

Oh yeah, if you take the vitamin A right before bed you'll have some pretty realistic/trippy dreams too, so that's cool. Hope this helps, an if there' anything I missed just let me know, i'm glad to help.

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Thanks for the info. I may try it one day if I'm feeling daring, but vitamin A toxicity is very serious and I'm just not sure I want to risk it. From what I understand, Accutane is a derivative of vitamin A that can't necessarily be equated to a particular dosage of vitamin A. And side effects of vitamin A usually start occurring above the 20,000 IU threshold, with the bodily damage often going unnoticed for months or even years before manifesting itself. I just don't see it as a sustainable solution, to be honest. I appreciate the input though.

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