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Updates On Hair Loss Post Tane



It's been past 5 months since my hair started falling out at the end of accutane treatment. I am still losing hair but not much any more. I also see new hair growing and it grows curly now, not wavy but proper curly! My natural hair is very thick and straight asian type but after accutane and major hair loss I am now growing a very curly hair. I do not mind it as I always wanted to have curly hair....and, hmm well I do have it now. Maybe it might be interesting for some people what I do(take) to deal with hair loss problem.

I have been to trichologist and homeopath and have been using treatments from both.

Trichologist uses light therapy, laser and darsonval rays to stimulate hair growth(once a week). He also told me that some hair loss was permanent and won't grow back. If I chose not to do anything about it my hair will restore more or less to its previous state within 1 to 2 years, no sooner. What is bad that I actually do have some permanent hair loss.

Homeopath prescribed me with these powders: japanese white oleander, iuesinum, nat mur, ignatia and 3 times a week I take highly dissolved vitamin A pill. Obviously these might not be at all right for anyone else because she prescribed it holistically for my body based on many symptoms etc and they are not targeted to treat hair loss.

On top of that I take 20,000mcg of biotin every day along with a drop of liquid iodine.

After completing the blood work I was told that based on my iron reading I should be bald!smile.png Well, I suppose I need to take iron supplements and eat food rich in iron(which is easy).

Apart from that, I was tested for pcos and I do not have it.

For my skin, I use Dans regimen and it works amazingly well! At the moment my face is has no acne but lots of pigmentation.

Do send me a message if you have any questions:)


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