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From: A Simple Question On Acne!



when do acne go away?

it's one very difficult question.

so the answer is "we're clueless".

but i'd still want ur opinion on what u think is likely to happen.

is it similar to what ur family tree says?

do parental acne story usually matches with their offsprings?(i repeat USUALLY!!)

do one usually grow out(or get rid) of acne at a age(more or less) when their parents(either mum,dad or both) had grown out of it(got rid of it)?


my father never had acne.infact according to him even his sisters/brothers din't have acne.

i can only guess that they must have had a zit or two in years but certainly no big trouble.

my mother actually did have acne.which was quite similar to mine if not less.

but she'd grown out of it in her early 20s or so.(i am not sure about what age that happened)

also,my maternal sister who had acne since her teenage days(13-14yrs of age)(moderate to severe i could call it!) has grown out of it when she turned more or less 21-22.

she is mostly clear except for some clogged pores here and there.(it's a huge thing for her because she's got mild PCOS and cycle issues)

i am kinda curious about what u think about my family pedigree and its relation to me in general?



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