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Onwards And...onwards

I am happy to report that since my last post I have had no MAJOR picking sessions...I am still breaking out all on my forehead and have been compelled to do some damage control but overall I've not felt the need to lock myself in the house for the next week whilst it settles down...huh in fairness I did go to town on a spot on the side of my head and it's very red, very scabby and hard to cover, which makes me realise that I'm more affected by my acne depending on where it is on my face...if the current disaster zone had been in the middle of my forehead I'd be massively depressed about it, how weird!

I've also finally given in and ordered some BP online...this is really NOT what I wanted to do but since this problem persists I have to do something about it. So it's not coming until June which means I have basically a month to try some other methods before I go back to BP. I've done A LOT of research on my acne (basically lots of flesh coloured bumps with regularly occuring bigger ones (sometimes just pussy, sometimes painful with a pore) and the texture of my skin seems to be similar to a kind of dermatitis.

So, I've done my homework and realised that BP works for this kind of condition (maybe that's why it's only become a problem since I've stopped), however apparently head and shoulders works too, and for run of the mill clogged pores apple cider vinegar as a topical has had some success. Last night I used both, H&S as a cleanser and ACV as a toner...I then had a nightmare that my whole forehead came up in massive cysts, which was scary! I'm not sure how effective it will be, I'll give it 2 weeks (supposedly fungal problems respond within a week) and then I'm going to try Vitamin D3 tablets...

The decision to start using supplements was brought on by the fact I'm so frustrated that when I was on holiday my skin cleared 95%. The day after I came home it went back to normal sad.png so this, and the fact I work in an office and see natural daylight for about 10 minutes a day means I can't see how I'm getting enough vitamin D. I haven't had a test at the doctors so I'll just follow the seemingly low dosage of 1000IU a day and see what happens. I bought them this morning in the Holland and Barrett penny sale so I've not lost anything for trying but I'll wait to see if the H&S and ACV combo works first.

I'll update if/ when I start seeing any results...I'm hoping that changing my routine will help with my picking (fingers crossed) because the control freak element is somewhat subdued because instead of taking control by picking, I'm taking control by using (hopefully) effective products and need to leave my skin alone to see if they actually produce any results. Well even if none of these things work at least I'm trying...and if by June I've not noticed any differences then I can always go back to BP, albeit relunctantly...if only I didn't care about the chemicals, bleaching and ageing effects of BP!


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