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Day 35



I'm starting to suspect that milk/dairy was the culprit. I have eaten very little dairy in the past 35 days, just a little bit of milk to wet my small bowl of cereal at breakfast. When I had my horrendous breakout in December & January, I was eating a lot of yogurt. And though I has no breakouts whilst taking antibiotics through February and March and was regularly eating yogurt, I starting breaking out soon after the antibiotics finished. Since I replaced the milk with almond milk last week, I haven't had even one new spot. Interesting.


I just remembered that I drank a cappuccino on Sunday (Day 33) - so I HAVE had some milk. Slightly confused now, but still no new spots in 8 days.

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That's great that you've found your trigger - I am still working on it!

I don't usually eat much wheat, as I have a slight intolerance (not an allergy) and lately I have been eating a bit more bread than usual, but my skin (on my face) seems ok. My eczema on my abdomen has flared up slightly though which is probably due to the increase in wheat. I ate two digestive biscuits yesterday (naughty!) and suffered the effects!

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