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From: Reaction To 2.5% Bp- Please Please Help Me! Really Depressed



as far as i know most lightening creams tends to clog pores so please be careful.

also i found niltan slow and pretty useless for myself.

although its anyway claimed 'mild'.

as for the redness.

after the actual head/zit is completely healed..the redness will take some more time to go away.atleast wait 3 weeks to a mnth.to completely see result.

the scar/pih will take even more time.

apart from using simple non-reddening creams like clindamycin or faceclin dont irritate that place.

wash with a gentle wash.

i use saslic.and i feel its good.

also,never say never!=)

god forsakes,but in case u ever have an active zit u'll need bp(just a dot on the head/mouth of it) to heal faster/better.=)

i hope u nevr have to though.=)



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