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From: I Need Help!please!gluten!




i've been avoiding gluten for not many days though.

its probably just a week.

so am not sure if its related or not.

but what i want to know,desperately, is why am i suddenly having small but red angry white headed zits on one of my cheeks.

some of them do slightly itch sometimes.not all.

am also having teeny-tiny whiteheads on the same chick.

and today i had a new one..the place itched for quite some time and then after a while i noticed i have a red head there.


i anyway have many spots/PIH on that part of my face and now this.

**it could be heat(i spent cooking hours one in the kitchen,its summer here)

**it could be the anti-fungal shampoo i was using for 2-3 days.a few bumps on my forehead seem to disappear for that.

but i used it all over my face for two days..but am only having this after good 2-4 days of stopping.

**it could be something i eat.but i havent changed my diet at all.

except for i dont take whole wheat(which i had for dinner forever).and i dint have any active zit/acne of almost 1.5 mnths.

its not even days nearing my periods.

i was kinda clear and just before i need to go out for somewhere very important to me in 2 days i've these red spots.

i just couldnt hold myself crying.

which btw i have not done for ,what seems now, like ages.

although i use saslic(salicylic acid wash 1%) as usual and apply clindamycin phosphate gel on it(as spot treatment) as usual.

i cant see any change.its been 2-3 days already.

what should i do?

i dont want to break down again for i need to be strong.

but i just cant hold it anymore.

i dnt know what to do!



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