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From: Turmeric As An Overnight Spot Treatment For Pimples- It Worked For Me. Also, Help Needed With Pih. Pic Inside.



1stly,i wasnt aware of HQ being carcinogenic.i'll check.

now,as for ur chin..they just post-acne spots right?

the acne or zits are gone?

u can apply pure sandalwood paste with rosewater.

please dont use those powdered stuff they sell at the store.(once such a pack caused break out).

its suppose to work on both zits(by drying them) and spots/blemishes(its got lightning property).

its natural,organic so as expected will take some time.there's one red sandalwood and another white.could u find out which one works better for marks.

u can carry on turmeric paste,its anti-bacterial.

how fast r u even expecting to get rid of it?

btw,3 days is nothing for skin issues.

as for ur chin,i have had similar experience.

difference being mine was a pustule.

am not sure if urs' was.

i had a cystic acne along with swelling around it.

the mouth of the acne(after some pus were out) got cleared but the swelling remained for weeks.

its been about 1.5 mnths or more.

its totally gone.

all i did is,not mess with it.

the more u irritate..the more trouble they tend to give.

are u sort of in hurry?

because i can realise that u want perfect skin..fast.

well i freak out when i need to go anywhere near the guy i've a crush on.

only to realise later that it dint matter much.

if that was me..i would 1st and foremost stop worrying so much.it will only cause more stress which is bad for skin.

i've told u before,i'm repeating.

if u have only those chin ones and that one point on ur cheek..trust me u've almost perfect skin.

even celebs get photoshopped..u dont even need that.

as for treatment goes,i would have use something like clindamycin on the cystic zit.

but nothing medicinal on the chin ones(if they are healed by now).

dont use bp.it will onky darken it..plus,it doesnt have a mouth.

& give it time.

atleast 3 wks to a mnth.

u r sure to see changes.



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after reading your blog I tried this overnight spot treatment for myself. When I woke up there was some crusty residue that I scrubbed off but A REALLY NOTICEABLE YELLOW TINGE has been left behind on my fair skin?

How do I get rid of this ASAP?

Help would be incredibly appreciated!!

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