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From: Need Advance Help, Nothing Works



i can see clogged pores i think.for that aha wash(1% to start with) is good.but they could be fungal..do they itch?at all?

also,the red zits seem bacterial(not fungal) ..for that topical like clindamycin + niacinamide gel would help.its not that bad so i wont be saying bp 1st.

as for u diet..diet is not always the cause for all.

eating healthy is good for ur skin and over all health.

wheat (gluten) doesnt bother all.so if it does nt have any effect on u(u will have to check) then u can continue it.no worries.

sugar and dairy are in general a problem for most.so cut those of.or at least limit sugar to minimum.

have warm lemon water 1st thing in the morning(if u r not intolerant to citrus).

check ur insulin level.u can try cinnamon after meals to maintain.

also green tea and warm water do good in long run.

if u r not intolerant to eggs or lean meat then i dont see why u cant have them.infact,eggs are suppose to do u good.

u should have atleast one atleast 5-6 days a week.

u will have to see what suits YOU and what doesnt for YOURSELF.not everyone is same.

cabbages or carrots usually dnt cause much trouble but u can check stuff like tomato,capsicum and other night shade members.

u can have fish and cooked garlic,ginger,coriander leaves/parsley.curry leaves etc..u know include these things in ur diet.

give the whole thing atleast 2-3 mnths

lifestyle is important too.

sleep and stress.atleast 7-8 hrs of good sleep.

use sunscreen the right way.preferably one with chemical block plus zno as physical block.zno is suppose to help acne too.

exercise/dance/do yoga or whatever just stay active and maintain good blood flow.

donot pick at them..u'll end up spreading the microbes and also causing scars.



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