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Life After Accutane

annie ell


Seeing so many people post about uncertainties of starting Accutane, whether its worth the side effects and also people's journeys with Accutane I thought a few may be interested in what happens after Accutane. I wont focus a lot on my time with Accutane, more what happened after.

Three years ago, after nothing else seemed to work, the doctor prescribed me Roaccutane which I took it for six months. I had no initial breakouts, and no real change in my skin for the first month. Then, slowly and surely, it began to get better.

My skin was clear by the fifth month. I hadn't had clear skin since the age of six and so to be blessed with this brought back my confidence.

The side effects I suffered were dryness of the skin - but not to an uncomfortable severity - and dried out lips. My lips were very chapped and looking back at photos, very red as well. But I didn't mind, because I had clear skin.

Stopping Accutane then gave me two months of wonderful clear skin, where even the marks of acne had faded. It was truly freeing.

Then, by the third month after, they slowly began to return.

Since then, two years on, my skin has become increasingly worse. However, my acne was no where near as bad as it was before and so I know Accutane helped on that aspect. The doctors never promised I would have clear skin forever, just told me it was probable, and so to be where I am now really was a kick in the gut. A pretty painful kick in the gut.

I've gone back to trying all the medications I tried beforehand which the doctor explained would probably have a better effect (they haven't) and am now trapped in that same pit of misery and torment caused by acne.

Despite this, I would still recommend Accutane to anyone. You, unlike me, may be one of the many people whose skin stays clear forever after Accutane. Or, the severity will be lessened to such an extent you will find it more manageable.

The fact my skin is not as bad as it used to be is thanks to Accutane and for me the benefits far outweighed the risks, but my acne was so severe I didn't care if the drug left me with three arms and a second head, as long as I had clear skin.

If you'd like to know anything in more detail about life after Accutane, send me a message! x


I had my acne come back too and mentally, it sucks. After trying many prescription things, i am on The Regimen and i am hoping it will help.

Good Luck on your quest.

BTW, have you looked into Spiro or BC?

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I always recommend two antibiotics from the penicillin family: Amoxicillin and Cephalexin. Both cured me of disastrous cystic acne. Good luck and thanks for the info, sad as it may be.

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I feel your pain. I'm in the same boat, 15 years of continued acne after 2 rounds of accutane. You are not alone in this battle! I'm 1 month into a restricted diet & supplement regimen, which seems to be working-save for a few active zits-I'm seeing a difference. In reality, how long can I afford the $$ cost of these pills & maintain a diet of nothing but air & water?! ;)

PM me if you'd like to ask any questions or just have a [email protected]$ session!

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