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Continuing On And On And On And On

So, what it's been like 4 days? 5 days? Man i'm dodgy at keeping track and doing daily updates but whatevs bru :)

So I actually think something's happening... well at least I think it is... it doesn't seem any worse at least thank goodness and I have actually been told that it's looking better so here's hoping for continued recovery!

I've actually been a bit naughty lately too and ate some bread! :o shock horror! which I'm not meant to do due to gluten not meshing with the old bods and all... actually same goes for dairy... i've been dosing up on yoghurt which i've heard is a bit two faced in the way that it's dairy, so doesn't really sit well with the skin but it's fermented to a degree and has probiotics in it and is good for the gut so who bloody well knows. Everyone says something different. Guess I'll just have to see the results for myself.. I've also been a lot more chilled, probably because my life is a bit more settled and routine now finally! yay :)

So what's news bro's. ?

I actually read a blog which brought back a few memories of my own about most embarrassing moments to do with skin and all... gah! i can remember mine. I was so shattered and embarrased and all ... so who wants to share!?


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My story is a roller coaster. My "before" face was so sad. I had so many large crusty white capped zits on my chin and around my mouth. Some of them I would pick at just to stop them from oozing onto my face on their own. There were times when I would stay home in high school because I just couldn't manage the amount of acne I was suffering from. There were days when I would just cry because my face was literally in pain. For me, my zits caused me physical pain. It hurt to sleep on my cheeks and chin was buried in pustules. Nightmare. I went three years almost with no health insurance and my acne rebounded out of control when I was 34. My daughter used to hug me and say "I'm sorry mama". I was pathetic with all my acne. Once I got my health insurance renewed I started my regimen of aggressive antibiotic therapy and tretinoin and benzaclin and topical clindamycin. Now in my 30's I am just recently finding permanent relief. I no longer bounce in and out of managing my skin care. I am totally committed to my regimen and finally see results. My self-esteem had been decimated by acne. I went decades without liking my reflection in

mirrors. There was a time when I was 19 that I had health insurance and the peace of mind to follow all of my then dermatologist's instructions. I was on tetracycline, demulen birth control and retin-a gel. I had clear skin but as soon as my skin cleared I quit all my medications. I have never been a genius even though I do have an advanced degree. I earned my Juris Doctor (law degree) in 2003 and my IQ is 102. 102 is not a high IQ nor is it a low IQ. It is an average IQ. I am as intelligent as the average human being. I brought this up because I think if I had been a tad smarter I would never have stopped treating my acne. Sometimes I get bossy and tell younger people what not to do about their acne. I regret that attitude but sometimes I have to be firm like when it comes to "going caveman" or "urine therapy" or others who simply want to put oil on their faces. I used to steam open my pores and then saturate my face with lemon oil. I was convinced that was curing my acne. It made it so much worse. Nowadays I wash my face with antibacterial soap and apply my acne meds no matter what. I also see a psychiatrist and therapist. In short, I deal with my problems.

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