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Week 8: Day 51 Pictures And Updates



The skin on my arms freaked out like crazy this past week. I started out getting these small, red bumps on my hands and then it eventually went up my arms. I assume it was eczema from the Accutane. I called my doctor’s office and they prescribed me a cream and recommended that I get CeraVe and use it on my on hands and arms. I think it has really helped. The skin is still dry, but it is not as red and bumpy as it was.

Other than that, lips are still dry as usual. I got a big cystic spot on my chin this week. I haven’t had one like that in a while. I feel like I still have a ways to go before I see some real progress with my skin and it is slightly disappointing, but I will definitely have this conversation at my next doctor appointment, which is in about a week and a half.

Okay, here are this week’s pictures:


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I know you are taking accutane but have you ever taken amoxicillin? I am just curious because my dermatologist gave me amoxicillin and it cured my acne.

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