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Week 21 (5 Months)



OK. Not much has changed. No new dots. Just the same lumps near my nose that will most likely get injected in 3 weeks when i have my next appointment, I have never been so excited to get stabbed in the face!!

I am still on 20mg of Accutane a day.. they said I still have another 7 months to go, finishing up in Dec. A whole year! arg. But it has gone quick. My hyper pigmentation is still very much there, i got some dermablend concealer ( you can cover tatts with this stuff)

it was pretty cheap and completely covers all signs of purple/red marks. (which is great news) also it stays on all day, im pretty sure you could go swimming with it on and it would not budge! i just wear it under mineral make up and it looks like i have a normal face:)

Side effects. My face is not dry any more, just moisturise twice a day. Ive got really shitty scabs up my nose which is a delight, and instead of my lips cracking they just kind of peel, like a layer will kind of rub off... no so bad.. if i did not have marks I would be 98% better.. it will take months before it goes! blah.

thats about it!!! :)