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Day 29

Damn - I knew it was too good to be true! Eight days without a new spot seems to be my limit; yesterday I discovered a new one. It's in the usual place, the left side of my chin - perhaps I should be grateful that my breakouts are limited to an inch square of skin! This one doesn't seem to be all that painful, so with some luck it'll go away a little bit quicker than usual. A spot I reported on my first blog entry (10 days into regimen) is finally flat enough to not be noticeable with makeup on but it is still a bit red and if I push it out with my tongue, you can see that there is still a small amount of inflammation. So, that's a life span of 20 days and counting. :(

I'm still using ultraclear on my chin - as there are active and healing spots here, I want to avoid using BP as I think it prolongs the redness. I am still using BP on my clear areas, though I thought I should point out that I am not using a whole lot of it, quite a thin layer to be honest, but this seems to be all I need.