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Day 41



I hope you weren't expecting butterflies and gumdrops, 'cause all I've got for you is bitching with a dash of bitching! surprised.gif

My face is an absolute mess; those nasty pimples I had didn't quite heal as expected. So now my once smooth skin is bumpy, and it's got this weird look to it. I didn't think the peeling or the cracking of the lips could get any worse either, but now it feels like my lips are encased in super glue. All in all, I hateeeee this 60 mg. Though I'll feel like a jackass if it turns out for the better. And because of this whole situation with my face, I'm contemplating skipping out on a meeting with associates. But I've already done this three times before, and I know it's pissing them off. Especially since I complained about them not inviting me places, lol. Dna, life, society, everything and anything that determines how we'll do in life... it all just seems so unfair. No one else in my immediate family has such awful skin (thanks pa rolleyes.gif ). I've wasted so much of my prime years on my acne, and the irony is that it's much worse than it was in my teenage years. Everyone said it would go away when I became an adult, but clearly (heh, clearly) that's not the case. I get all dressed up and cute, only to look up and have my face throw everything off.dry.png

Pimple check:

0 pustules, 0 papules, 0 cysts, 0 nodules & 3 popped pimples healing badly.


I assume you are on accutane cuz you said something about 60mg...soundz like accutane chat...anyhow...accutane is a milagro miracle drug...be patient..you are on the right path

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I'm also on 60mg! The dryness is ridiculous. I lie rally layer on moisturizer all day long. I'm on my 4th month and I'm still getting acne especially cysts. Almost at the end of the 4th month though!

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