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Week 10 On Dkr: More Breaking Out (But Lessening) And Drydry Dry

Sitting here, looking at these photos from 3 weeks ago, it's hard to believe how fast things have already gotten better. But man, do I look awful in these photos! I specifically recall how painful my jawline felt; it was like I broke out with the last breakouts in full force. Since then (since I am now on week 13 and back-blogging things for you) my jawline has been clearing up. But overall, the breakouts were simply more concentrated areas, but smaller/less painful cysts, and certainly not layering on top of each other as was the reason I started back on DKR in the first place.

As you can see, the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is going to be a beast to deal with. sad.png

I was reading the other day on a forum how someone was so upset about their PIH that they'd rather have acne than the marks left behind. I was in shock. That's ridiculous sounding to me because 1) it's your acne causing the PIH---why would you wanna let that go on and on so that you are only left with worse marks? and 2) Cystic acne in particular is very painful and embarrassing---why on earth would you be ok walking around constantly wondering about its effects? Such as, when my partner or son would go to kiss or hug me, I'd instinctively move my face away (not a great feeling for them, right? lol) because I'd be all honest and say, "sorry, my face hurts too much to have your face cuddled against mine!" Ouch (for them, too!) So sad.

So in these photos, that is what I see most-----my 'Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation' marks finally showing through. Before all I could see was acne: healing, forming, not healing....but at least now I can see the state of my skin as it heals slowly. Still breaking out here, but not as much as when I started DKR.

Also, I want to reiterate AGAIN how drying BP is. FOR.A.WHILE. I can honestly say now---in week 13! Oy, I know, week THIRTEEN!!---my skin is finally conditioning to the BP: not red at all from it (well, any redness is just the 'red marks' left over, but there is no actual redness from actual all-over inflammation) and my flakiness is mostly under control. All I can say is I HEART JOJOBA OIL.

Another thing is the itchiness---I mentioned already how it's dissipating but how it struck me that the itchiness was/is centered (now) in the areas of greatest healing. Such as, my forehead and chin no longer itch or are dry AT ALL because they are 100% clear now----yes, 100%. However, my cheeks, (as you can see, duh) are still itchy. Why? Because they haven't completely healed/cleared yet. but they are clearing. I still stand by the belief that just like any wound that is finally healing---especially the slowhealing kind (like cystic acne!)---it gets itchy. So, in my mind, it's sign that things are finally healing in a good way and to scratch or pick or pull the flakes off is only going to redden or irritate or increase the chances of scarring. I'm trusting my body's natural healing process on that front at least, since I unfortunately couldn't find any relief from all the natural therapeutics treatments I was doing before I went (back) on DKR.

So here I am. Officially week 13, backblogging about week 10 for you, happy to note that as of now, I have absolutely no breakouts on my forehead or chin anymore, my redness from dryness is gone, my flakiness mostly under control, and even though you can't see it here in these shots because they're from 3 weeks ago, my jawline and cheeks are slowly but officially clearing up.


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Ok I haven't been following your blog...clue me in...what is DKR? NOTE* I really recommend you try amoxicillin or cephalexin...both of those antibiotics do the hard work of clearing stubborn infections like I had...You may also want to consider accutane...I am not trying to scare you but I think your acne is more severe than that which could be cured by benzoyl peroxide...if you are already seeing a dermatologist that is great,,btw what country are you from. Your bio doesn't say. Are you American like me?

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