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The Start Of Something New



I have embarked on something new. I have the topical and now get to try the internal stuff.. which is a little bit of concern for me as my body never responded well to any of the oral antibiotics or such stuff, just didn't deal with it at all so that was always a flunk and i was stuck relying on the topical creams to get me by.. which they didn't really, they kind of just made it worse then maybe a bit better and then pretty much static with small fluctuations but since it's either this aldactone stuff or roaccutane I'll count my blessings and give this a shot. The fact that there's meant to be no getting worse before getting better makes me a little bit more on the aldactone team but still.... we'll see how it goes, parently i'll be peeing more and have less facial hair.. which was never a problem but hey! yay for not having to worry about randomly growing a moustache or anything! :)

So I will attempt to keep this blog updated which I fail at a bit but yeah, fingers crossed that it's the thing that kicks acne's very very persistent ass!

wish me luck!

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hmmm...I took spiro and it did nothing leading me to believe that my type of acne was not hormonal...I take cephalexin and amoxicillin and use benzaclin and tretinoin and topical clindamycin lotion and gel...takes deep breath...spiro gave me head rushes when I stood up from a sitting or laying down position...not great...I kinda want to try it again but my derm says (and she is really smart) its either or...I can't get my preciosa antibiotics and spiro at the same time. *sigh*...

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