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Damage Control



so today my face is 24 hrs b.p free.. burned skin started to peel off but it hurts when i try to help it peel so i left it to take it's time..

my face is exactly like my shoulders in the day after when i swim for too long under the sun without any sunscreen ..like snake changing it's skin..lol i know i know you get it no more examples tongue.png

i asked a doctor friend what to do to make it heal faster,,and she advised me to use a topical cream called "Mebo" ..it's a great moisturizer and it accelerates skin healing plus help with reducing scars..i don't know if it's available world wide or if there is something similar ..it contains Sesame oil (oleic acid,linoleic acid,sesamin) ,cactus extract,beeswax..

the funny thing is that i totally forgot about acne because i was too busy thinking about my burned face!!

damn you acne vulgaris :@ :@ they should invent vaccines for it !! will someone please start to study this idea sad.pngsad.png i'm not smart enough tongue.png