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No Acne, But No Period Yet Either...

Know Hope


So I should start today, but nothing so far.

I don't get cramps or pissy moods my more, which usually told me my period was coming soon.

I think adding the cinnamon has thrown things off a bit. I forgot to mention that I was spotting last week, which is unusual (but not unheard of) for me. I read that some women spot when they're ovulating, so I thought maybe that was the case for me too. I'm not too worried, but I am really curious to see how my skin reacts to my period starting.

Also, my skin loves finacea plus Dan's AHA - read some where that its lightening effect on PIH is comparable to hydroquine. My PIH is fading nicely. And it makes my skin feel soft - who knew an acne treatment didn't have to dry out everything!?

Not much of an update! Hope everyone is well, and making their own progress!