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Day 2 On "the Regimen"



a teeny tiny amount of bp once a day and my face is BURNING !! i wonder how will it feel like when i start putting generous amounts :/

i think i'm gonna keep applying this amount for the first two weeks until my skin adjusts well to bp..

my face is just like yesterday so i will be posting images every week (in hopes that there will be improvement)..

i have to go to a party tomorrow ,, i don't just feel bad about my acne i also feel bad coz i will have to wear makeup :( i wanted to avoid makeup for as long as i can but here i am wearing makeup on the third day .. sigh ...


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I started putting about a fat pea size amount of the bp when I started and it didn't bother my skin at all D: it was the moisturizer which irritated my skin as weird as that sounds o__o;;

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oh!!the moisturizer!!

maybe it takes more than 15 minutes for the bp to start making your skin burn!!so you thought the moisturizer is the reason!!

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