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Day 30- Did not pick today. Last day of my 30 day no picking challenge! I'd have to say, although it wasn't a complete success, because I did pick a little, it was still a great success! Ever since I started this blog, I went from picking at 15 things on my face to 1 or 2 or none! I went from a scabby pepperoni pizza face to a uh... red cupcake sprinkle face? haha I cant believe the results in only 30 days! Minimizing my picking definitely lowered the red mark counts on my face. The ones that are still there have started to fade, too! From now on, I won't be writing an entry everyday but i'll be back with updates at least once a week. Seeing this improvement has definitely motivated me to lessen my picking. Most days, I don't even have the urge. I actually feel two little plugs on my face right now, but I kinda don't care. wow wow Red mark healing on the way biggrin.png

Anyways, pictures will be at the end of the entry. Right now I feel like writing reviews for my antibiotics. I guess the above paragraph ^ is a review of the 30 day no picking challenge.

Week 11? I believe:

Duac - awesome. the duac I get from my derm are expired samples. Expired by two months, so I know they aren't as potent. Its either because of that or because my skin is so use to the abuse that it doesn't burn or hurt when I put duac on. Its like a night time moisturizer... that doesn't really moisturize. I get flaky skin once every 4 days, which I exfoliate without a problem. I've noticed the sample tubes that have been expired for more than 3 months don't even flake my skin :/ useless. But still, its gotten rid of my blackheads biggrin.png not even AHAs could do that for me.

Solodyn/minocycline - GREAT! it made my skin so freakin soft! even my body skin. Didn't go through a purging process. Killed majority of my acne in 2-3 weeks. The thing i'm most amaze about is my chin! I use to always have at least one cystic pimple on my chin the past 3 years. One disappears and a new one takes its place sad.png but since ive been on this drug, I've had NONE! NONE!!! CRAZY NONE! and i'm nearing my period right now (getting bad cramps already) but my chin is still clear! The scars from before are softening up. I do still get one pimple occasionally on my cheek, I assume its because I sleep on my side, but its no biggie. I did get some scares with those potential cystic pimples in between my brow, but they haven't emerged after 2 weeks or so... which i'm guessing that means they'll stay down. Now, the solodyn is a lot better because u can eat it with food and I didn't get any side effects, so i'd recommend it if u can afford it. THe minocycline, I had a bit of a problem with the food shit... it made me depressed at the beginning (not anymore) and its still causing fatigue. But i'm able to suck it up :/

OH! yeah, just gotta say, it's also fucked up my appetite: I'm always hungry and I gained weight.....

Anyways, the before/after pictures. the real reason why people are here anyways. LOL j/k j/k

These pictures were taken in my room after dark, so they don't have the best lighting, nor are they the best quality. sorry

Starting duac and solodyn:



I think this is when I started the 30 day no picking challenge:





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Your face looks like its healing. I know once you get a prescription for duac, you'll see more improvement. I use benzaclin which is another form of duac=Benzoyl peroxide+Clindamycin. Mine is mixed fresh at the pharmacy right before I pick it up. It expires after three months. I keep it in the fridge on the advice of my derm. Good luck!

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