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Week 3



I applied heat to that cyst on and off on saturday and by the end of the day it came to a head! A lot of heat, I've found, is the best solution for a cyst. So I popped and cleaned it and it was a little smaller by the next day when I was able to pop it again. Today, it's smaller still but red. I did have some cheese dip on Saturday, but not too much, and I've had no new breakouts so that's a relief. So far, it seems I only get a breakout/cyst if I over do the junk food or dairy at one sitting. A little bit here and there doesn't seem too bad but I'm still trying to cut it out all together. It sure is proving to be difficult, thanks to our friends who don't give a care as to what goes into their mouths lol. Lucky, perfect skinned folks.

The worst thing about the cysts/breakouts I get is that they always leave a nice little scar. So even when I'm clear, I'm not.

I'm going off BC in a month and will be taking hormone balancing herbs as well as continuing apple cider vinegar.

I've also been reeeally stressed with work the past few weeks, so that could have an affect on my skin.

As of right now, just one cyst on my right cheek that seems to be healing. Much flatter but red.

I'm going absolutely no junk food/dairy for at least the week days. And I'll do my best to do the same over the weekend. lol