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Off Spiro, Atralin



Hello everyone,

Not going to lie. But it's not good to be back this time around. It's been a awhile since my last update. To tell you the truth, everything was going GREAT! I have been extremely happy with the spiro and the atralin gel. They have done their job, no complaints here. I also had no side effects....that I'm aware of....

Anyway the reason I'm back is that I became pregnant end of Feb or beginning of March. I missed my March period and started to feel pregnancy symptoms. I did a preg. test and it turned out positive. I was nervous and excited. Nervouse becasue I was still taking spiro..I've been on spiro now for about 2 years. Once I new I stopped all medications. Unfortunately, 2 days prior to my first OBYN appt. I started to bleed. I was told that it spotting/bleeding was normal. But if I kept bleeding I should call back. So I did and was able to see the doct the next day. The night prior I had the worst PMS cramps ever. I feard I was loosing the baby, which sadly was confirmed at my appt. the next day. It has been a very rough past week for me and my family. non ending Emotional roller coaster. I started bleeding on 4-22-23 and know only have brown spotting. I feel very sad, but comforted that I now have 2 children. One here on earth and an angel in heaven. I was 9 weeks preg. and since I didn't know the gender, I named my baby Jesus Maria, which watches over us daily. Jesus Maria is with Jesus now.

I have completely stopped the spiro since 4-10-13, that when I had the postivie prego test. I don't know the reason for my miscarriage, but maybe the spiro had something to do with it, anyway I'll never know. Ever since I stopped with the spiro, my acne has been returning slowly. I have no cysts, just little bumps under the skin.

Also, I've been having alot of leg pain. I don't know if that is because of the miscarriage or stopping the spiro. My legs feel so tired and heavy be the end of the day.

We want to have another baby, so I'm definatley stopping the spiro for now. As soon as i recouperate from my miscarrage, hubby and I will be trying. I was adviced to continue taking my prenatal vitimins and we are trying to be as healthy as can be. Wish me luck. I pray that I dont' break out too bad............

Bless my little Angel Jesus Maria, please forgive me if I had any fault in loosing you. I loved you since I first conceived you and will love you forever.


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