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Day 32



My doc upped my dosage to 60mg! I didn't think it was necessary, but if it speeds up the process I'm going to try it. I think it's going to cause me to break out more initially than the 40mg, because I now have 2 pustules and 1 papule on my face. That bumpy-rash thingy is also back on my forehead, and I have those weird little cluster of bumps on my hand again. They only popped up after I took the first dose of the 60mg increase, so I'm now 99% sure it's the Accutane. They're worse than before too, I have to stop being so lazy and post that pictures I took. Here's a thread on this site that shows what they look like:

Everything else is okay, my hyperpigmentation seems to be fading away due to the Accutane alone!

Pimple check:

0 nodules, 0 cysts, 1 papule & 2 pustules.