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Day 18

Two nights ago I went a bit overboard with the BP and aha in an attempt to obliterate the two spots. I kinda knew I was going to pay for it though because my chin was quite red and stinging a little bit. By yesterday morning it was still bit red, the spots had gone down a bit but my skin was super dry.

Last night I decided to lay off the BP but decided to use Ultra clear instead. I am starting to wonder if I should ditch the BP in favour of UltraClear. This morning both spots have shrunken quite a lot and the redness is going down too, but that could also be due to Origins Mega Mushroom Serum which I also used last night. I have been using it for the past few months on super dry skin caused by BP. It doesn't break me out and it seems to help moisturise and soothe the really dry skin. The ultra clear doesn't seem to over dry my skin either and I haven't really given it much of a chance since I got it as I've mostly been using BP. Hmmm...

On the plus side of things, no new spots in 2 days and no new breakouts above the mouth (except for that small one) since I started using BP twice per day. On the negative side of things, one of the two spots I am trying to heal is the same one from Day 9! It's been 9 days since it first started to show it's ugly self and its still not gone. I'm thinking it might be another week or even longer until it's nothing but a red mark. :(


I wouldn't ditch the benzoyl peroxide but I would add an oil-free moisturizer after the BP dries. I did that for years and it worked really well. My skin was smooth and non-greasy. Just a thought.

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I do that already (I have to!) I think it was too much aha that caused the irritation. I have decided to continue using the BP where I am clear; this seems to be working, so no need to stop. At the moment it's really just the left side of my chin that is blemish prone, so I'm going to use the Ultra Clear to see if it can clear it. It does seem like a good product but I need to use it more than every so often to see if its any good. And I need spotty skin for that. ;-)

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