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Day 4: Big Picture

Tonight, when I was applying my 10% BP, I noticed that a small "plug" poking out from my jaw seemed to have grown. It wasn't painful, but it was definitely fairly prominent. I applied some AHA, and sat back and waited, then applied some more. Then I layered some more BP.

Then, I as I was sitting on my counter staring at the mirror on the medicine cabinet, I felt a swell of terror. I realized that this is how it begins: paying attention to one spot, and ignoring the bigger picture. It was like watching my self in the earliest stages of the thought process that leads me to pick. I zero in on a "problem spot" and then...I try to fix it.

I immediately refocused my eyes to the entirety of my face. I added a little bit more BP to my cheeks, and then I put down the tube, turned the light off, and left the bathroom.

And that's the way it's going to happen from now on.