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Day 19 Accutane!



Hey guys, yesterday i had big huge pimples on my face, like underneath my eyes and beside my noes, and huge ones on my nose as well, and a lot on my cheeks, and this morning, all of those huge pimples went down tremendously!! it looks pretty good, i think its working, but then again i heard it gets better then worse then better, blah blah blah.

but i take 80 milligrams daily, 40 in the morning, and 40 at night, my doctor said im gonna be on it for 3-4 months, im 19 years old and male, has anyone taken the same dosage??

and if so

when did you start seeing good results??

and do you think i will be clear before the end of month 3 or 4? because i wont be able to get anymore accutane after that, too expensive :(

please let me know anything guys!

seriously...ANYTHING would be veryyyyy helpful!

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Well i'm not on accutane yet so I can't help you with your questions but I thought i'd try and help you in another way. If you quit accutane before your course is finished your most likely gonna relapse, jus because your acne clears up in the early months of your course does not mean accutane is finished doing everything, it has to shrink your pores as small as possible because they will expand again when your off the accutane. Not as big as they were before but i'll put it this way, and this is just a guess/example for the percentages. Let's say you shrink your pores down to 50% the size of what they were before, when you get off accutane they'll go back to lets say 75%, but if you were to shrink them down to like 25%, they would only go back to 50% when you quit the accutane. Just a heads up.

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