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From: Holiday Indulgence!compensation- Please Help!


i'm posting,on behalf of anyone who's about to travel or be somewhere(in a place or situation) where following a healthy diet can be impossible.

i've seen a similar post but that was meant for addressing topical changes and routine to follow when travelling..am yet to see one on diet,which equally important.

the span is ofcourse a few days or a week or some more time.

but even that can be bothering,not just psychologically but internally/externally!

when travelling specially on a holiday to a new place,we not only try new cuisine is restaurants but also have our own spicy/oily rich dishes for celebration.

all these not only includes wheat(for those on gluten-free diet),oily-spicy food but also allergic food.

now avoiding allergic food items is a must because it's serious i suppose.

but foods which doesnt harm u immediately but are unhealthy in general AND/OR not part of ur daily diet.

how do you detoxify simultaneously on those days itself or atleast lessen the negative effect to some extent?


after those days,when u're back anything u'd do to undo what has been done?crazy.gif

fasting is an easy answer but i dont advocate it.it's not a long term solution..infact its bad in many ways i think.

next is having apple diet or raw food.the later is a fine thing but always not applicable,specially if u live with others.or in a joint family.

i thing i can think of is #green tea(cinnamon added preferably) which will detoxify to a certain effect.

another would be #warmhot water after meals to help in easy digestion.its also said to have an cutting effect on fatty and oily food.# cinnamon stick to chew on for insulin issues.

please add ur opinions and remedies.



also,does having a lil' more oil(than usual) for a few days too bad??

restaurants wont really cook me boiled food or sauteed food.

they would be fried or curry with oil or ghee if not deep frying always!!


holidaying is no more fun in my life.

or am i wrong in over-worrying about diet even on a holiday??



On 5/14/2013 at 1:48 PM, rinakaushik said:

Do try Himalaya Purim to detox. It really works!

 does it give an initial breakout??

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