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Day 3: A Brilliant Idea

It's day 3, and things are going surprisingly well. One of the picked-at spots is not terribly noticeable. Well, to anyone except for me, of course.

The other spot is still there, but the antibiotic seems to be kicking in. It was oozing when I got out of the shower this morning, but it dried up into a small, brown, hard scab. It doesn't hurt, and there's no redness around it. And so now I must resist not the temptation to squeeze it so as to "get the stuff out of it," but rather the temptation to "get rid of the scab."

Someone close to me had a brilliant idea last night. "What if," she said, "when you reach up to touch your face, you had something else to reach for instead?"

I used to wear earrings when I was a teenager, but they always irritated my earlobes. Oddly, I have never had the same issue with either my bellybutton ring or my nose piercing. I haven't bought a pair of earrings in years. But I think I'll be shopping for a pair tonight. Something tasteful, but unique, and not too expensive. (Other than that, I have no preconceived ideas.)

We'll see how the rest of the day goes.


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Thanks amoxilworx :)

I hope so. This has been very challenging. I'm still finding that I reach up to touch my face, and I'm trying to figure out ways to discourage that reflex reaction as much as possible.

Added bonus: I have an excuse to buy pretty jewelry!

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