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Yesterday I thought that maybe one of the small spots from a few weeks ago was trying to make a resurgence, but wasn't too sure. Last night it was definitely a bit swollen - gah!!! I slathered BP on it and the rest of the left side of my chin. The right side seems to be a little bit more under control, but the left side seems always on the verge of a new breakout. I guess it's only been 16 days since I started using BP twice a day, hopefully I just need to persevere. This morning it doesn't seem any worse, but I'm not convinced it'll stay that way.

I watched a success story video on here from a woman my age and then I watched a few of her videos from before she went on the regimen. Her skin was worse than mine and now she's clear, so there's no reason why it shouldn't work for me too.

Apart from my chin, my skin is actually really nice right now; I'm prone to breakouts next to my nose (along the nasolabial lines) but I am currently quite nicely clear.

I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed by this at the moment and desperate for a quick solution. I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar tablets just after finishing the antibiotics. In truth, I don't think they've helped my skin at all, but I've kept taking them because ACV is supposed to be good for all sorts of ailments. They definitely help to keep me regular and I am convinced there is a correlation between constipation and acne. I have been using ACV as a toner, not sure if its helping, but don't think its harming. I also take EPO, I thought this might help with the acne, but it didn't. I do think it helps to keep my skin softer though, this winter I really suffered with dry, itchy skin on my abdomen and back and it seems less bothersome when I take EPO.

I have started taking Vitamin C with Zinc (500mg & 15mg respectively). This is something I already had in the cupboard, again, not sure about effectiveness, but don't think it'll do any harm. Lastly, I have introduced vitamin D3. I live in a rainy climate and spend a great deal of time indoors. Maybe it'll help - who knows. Have only been taking it for a few days, so the jury is still out on that one.

This week I have also been attempting to up my water intake (I barely drink any usually - I know, bad!) and have also been drinking green tea.


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