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Accutane Days 6-14



Hey guys, im one day 17 of accutane today, just took my last dose an hour ago, and so far so good.

id say the first week and half i broke out a whole lot, and now im kind of starting to clear up, but then i get a few new pimples, not bad, id say its better.

and so far, ive been getting really dry skin, really dry lips, and really dry nose.

on day day 14, and 15, i had 6 nosebleeds, it was veryyy bad!! it just wouldnt stop!

i went and bought a mini-vaseline thing and i applied that to my nose in the morning, and at night before bed, and that helped a LOT!!

i changed from lubriderm lotion to cetaphil moisturizing lotion! the cetaphil rubs in a lot better than the lubriderm, the lubriderm is very thick, and its hard to rub on, and cetaphil glides across the skin, and doesnt irritate it as much! its great!

and again...if yall have any tips/advice please comment and let me know! or how your accutane journey is going! and goodluck to y'all!


I've used Aquahor around my nose, and on really really dry patches. i use the healing ointment on my lips like 10 times a day. i'm on day 27, and my lips are literally cracked open and bleeding - so gross! since they're already sooooo chapped, i can't get out in front of it, and i don't know when they'll stop being chapped! so my advice: use a lot, very often - preemptive strike!

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Its great to hear back from someone! And yea my nosebleeds are bad. Its kind if daily now. But my lips are kind of bad. Like within 2 minutes of getting out of the shower i HAVE to put on chapstick and lotion! By the way whats your daily dosage of accutane? I take 80mgs daily. 40 in the am. And 40 in the pm. And how long was your initial breakout? When did you start seeing results?!

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