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1 Month On Accuate (Week 3 & 4)



In a few days it will be exactly a month since I've begun Accutane. The third and fourth week were the same in side effects and results. I had watched a accutane vlog a while back where the girl said her scalp was drier (she said she had naturally oily hair which I do as well) and she mentioned that it wouldn't look oily at all. I thought that might be for certain people only but my 4th week in I noticed my hair to appear less oily as well.

The redness has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased due to using Aveeno products as I had mentioned in the last post. It is less flaky and easier to work with makeup wise. It is impossible however, to go without any kind of lotion. As soon as I pat my face dry after washing it, my skin is yelling for moisturizer. I still use the Aveeno lotion and a Cetaphil moisturizer. I also a use a all natural product from my home country of Serbia. And it has proven to be the best therapy for my skin during this very dry process.

Just about a week ago I noticed the blackheads on my nose and the cheek area right past the nose slowly disappearing. First I thought the skin on my nose was peeling off but when I looked in the mirror I saw the blackheads getting smaller and smaller. Right now I have a few stubborn pimples appearing in different spots. I'm not sure if this is due to the medicine or my upcoming finals. In the 3rd week I had odd backpains as well as in my chest. For now they have stopped.

I'm still on 80MG a day and I have my first visit to the dermatologist since starting Accutane later on this week. I can't believe the improvement I've seen for just a months time. Luckily there have been no harsh side effects and hopefully my blood result will come back with flying colors.


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